Sub-Metering Protocol Road Map

Today the long awaited first draft of the Sub-Metering Protocol Roadmap was released.  

This document was prepared by PG&E, Southern California Edison & San Diego Power & Gas.  The document included feedback from 3rd Parties (OEMs, EVSPs and Consumer Advocate / EV Drivers) who assisted throughout the development process.

PROJECT Green OnRamp / Paul Stith’s input appeared in several sections including security and communications, inclusion of L1 & L3 EV fuel metering along with Net Metering to support local generation of power via Solar and future Vehicle to Grid applications.

National Plug-In Day

Green On Ramp founder, Paul Stith was featured on the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel (subscription). Events such as Plug-In America’s National Plug-In Day are a great way for the public to see and learn about EVs from early adopters. The article was cross posted to other Knight Ridder news papers including the San Jose Mercury News.  See the article, including the strange pictures of someone looking under our Nissan LEAF.