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Pricing Models for EV Charging

Today in Palo Alto Green On Ramp’s Paul Stith joined a panel moderated by Rafael Reyes (Executive Director, Bay Area Climate Collaborative) with Richard Lowenthal (CTO & Founder, Coulomb Technologies (ChargePoint)) and Geoff Ryder (Sustainability Principal, SAP) to talk about pricing models for Electric Vehicle charging. The session titled “Pilot Pricing for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” was hosted […]

Overcoming Barriers to Charging Infrastructure Implementation

Installing infrastructure for a new era of Electric Vehicles is proving to be difficult.  In this session moderated by Green On Ramp’s Paul Stith we talked about the challenges and the road ahead – AGRION – Overcoming Barriers to Charging Infrastructure Implementation. Representing key early Electric Vehicle Service Providers were Obrie Hostetter from 350 Green along with Jason […]