Electric School Bus Grid Gaps (ESBGG) – Envisioned after a series of conversations with many like-minded smart people, this activity is an organic, crowd-sourced “process” to collect, validate and disseminate bold actionable policy guidance and strategies that unlock immediate value (we can do this today!), mid-term (we can do this within 12 months) and longer-term strategies that will require more than 18 months to implement.

Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network

Green OnRamp is pleased to sponsor the Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network (EVBCN).  EVBCN focuses exclusively on growing opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem across all disciplines.  Join our LinkedIn group “Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network”. 

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – U.S. National Work Group on Electric Vehicle Fueling and Submetering 

Green OnRamp is a Participant in the U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) on Measuring Systems for Electric Vehicle Fueling  to develop proposed requirements for commercial electricity-measuring devices (including those used in sub-metering electricity at residential and business locations and those used to measure and sell electricity commercially dispensed as vehicle fuel) and to ensure that the prescribed methodologies and standards facilitate measurements that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI).


State of California – Governor’s ZEV Action Plan / Road Map

Participant and contributor to the State of California’s Zero Emission Vehicle process.  Specific work with Electric Vehicle infrastructure, Smart Grid / V2G / GIV technologies, regulations and policies that drive EV adoption and lead to a sustainable market with consumer choices.

Leveraging Automotive Dealership experience, providing key insights on PHEV and BEV ownership, purchasing process, EVSE equipment and rate plan selection barriers.

California Public Utilities Commission – Sub-Metering / EV Rates / Infrastructure

Working with other stake holders, Green OnRamp is working with Investor Owned Utility Companies (IOUs) to help shape policy and technical requirements for Electric Vehicle infrastructure.  Sub-Meters isolate Electric Vehicle charging loads, enable granular policy (such as accurate administration of Low Carbon Fuel Standards – LCFS credits) and allow access to EV Fuel Rates and lower infrastructure costs.  Our contributions follow our expertise in Technology, Business and work to represent the ultimate stake holders – EV drivers and fleet owners to drive adoption. Initial Sub Meter Protocol Report was released on January 3rd, 2012.  Extensions have been granted to the original June 2012 deadline and the CPUC has outlined a open pilot project framework.

Follow the discussion: Alternative Fueled Vehicle Program

Green Carpet – Electric Vehicle Ownership Experience Ecosystem

Developing strategic relationships and programs that target the entire Electric Vehicle Ownership Experience.  Providing essential commercialization to address the gaps and opportunities in an otherwise broken system. Our Green Carpet approach engages provides and provides incentives to key stake holders and market participants at each stage of the ownership experience.

Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance

Green OnRamp participates with representatives from City, County, Air Resources Board, Ecology Action Santa Cruz and other Electric Vehicle Advocates to help plan and promote charging infrastructure, educational events and provide early adopter feedback.  MBEVA and its members are recipients of several grants for planning and deploying charging infrastructure.  We encourage all EV drivers to seek out their regional programs to lend a much needed hand and viewpoint in shaping their region’s Electric Vehicle future.