Overcoming Barriers to Charging Infrastructure Implementation

Installing infrastructure for a new era of Electric Vehicles is proving to be difficult.  In this session moderated by Green On Ramp’s Paul Stith we talked about the challenges and the road ahead – AGRION – Overcoming Barriers to Charging Infrastructure Implementation.

Representing key early Electric Vehicle Service Providers were Obrie Hostetter from 350 Green along with Jason Smith of ECOtality.  Also sharing their perspectives were Dave Head, Fleet Manager for the County of Sonoma and Rich Larsen, New Power Technologies, Mayor of Los Altos Hills, California.

Topping the list of challenges were finding suitable and interested locations, costs associated with retrofitting parking lots to meet updated access requirements ADA for (American Disabilities Act), site improvement costs and permitting delays.  Once each of these challenges have been met, the largest barrier remaining is getting site owners to sign hosting agreements.  As many as 50% of site implementations currently being are derailed at this point after all other barriers have been overcome.