Pricing Models for EV Charging

Today in Palo Alto Green On Ramp’s Paul Stith joined a panel moderated by Rafael Reyes (Executive Director, Bay Area Climate Collaborative) with Richard Lowenthal (CTO & Founder, Coulomb Technologies (ChargePoint)) and Geoff Ryder (Sustainability Principal, SAP) to talk about pricing models for Electric Vehicle charging.

The session titled “Pilot Pricing for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” was hosted by AGRION, in Palo Alto to discuss the various approaches being tested for revenue generation in this early market.

Consumers of public charging will pay for charging only when they absolutely have to and will continually assess their charging options based on the complete value of their session using a number of factors such as proximity to tasks needed to be accomplished, time to charge, miles needed to be driven, payment convenience and reservation systems.

Over time, providers of charging will develop profiles of drivers and tailor pay as you go pricing along with subscription plans that fit fueling needs.

Though very early – it is clear station owners must look beyond the actual electricity as a fuel and price according to the complete revenue streams and services.  Revenue streams must be carefully examined and broken down by direct, indirect revenue along with intangible branding benefits and opportunities for the station owners and operators.