Electric Auto Silicon Valley Meeting

Electric Association Silicon Valley – Hewlett Packard Campus, Cupertino – July 2012 Meeting featuring Via Motors and Local Motion.

Electric Auto Association – Silicon Valley welcomed Local Motion’s  Clement Gires and Via Motor’s David West to speak at our July meeting hosted by Hewlett Packard in Cupertino.  Extra thanks to PG&E for lending out their V-TRUX for the day.

Enjoy this video taken by Steve Lemke – EAA member and HP employee.

What is not pictured is the parking lot full of Electric Vehicles. Attending today’s meeting were Nissan LEAFs, BMW ActiveE, CODA, Toyota RAVs, Tesla Roadsters, Think!, Chevy Volt, conversions and of course a Sparrow that can roll right into the building – zero emissions.

For the creative charging enthusiasts – yes, that was Mike Thompson using a Via Motors V-TRUX to charge his Nissan LEAF taking advantage of the 240 “Power Export” feature.  For added reality – the blade was not removed from the skill saw for the power tool demo.

Watch for Local Motion on a corporate campus near you soon.  These guys are on to something very cool.

How FAST can you go?

To answer that question we are attending the 4th Annual REFUEL motor sport event this weekend hosted at the world famous Laguna Seca Raceway.

Drawing EV enthusiasts from wide and far the event will feature production Electric Vehicles from Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Zero Motor Cycles, conversions and more along with prototype high performance vehicles. Could be a few surprises including one or two Tesla Model S take to the track.

Enjoy this video from last year’s event and stay tuned for an update!

EV Career Network Reaches 200 Members

Today marks the 200th member joining PROJECT Green On Ramp’s Electric Vehicle Career Network group on LinkedIn.

Reaching this milestone in such a short while emphasizes the growing interest in Electric Vehicles as a career path.  Our members include professionals from all areas work across the entire EV Ecosystem – automotive, motor cycle, personal EVs manufactures, utilities, charging infrastructure, engineering, sales, marketing, policy, government and every essential business function.  Not only are the specialities diverse, so are our locations around the world.

You won’t find a more passionate group of professionals dedicated to the success of Electric Vehicles. As membership grows – so do networking opportunities for employers, job seekers and investors.

Join the discussion – Electric Vehicle Career Network on LinkedIn.